The growing concern about the impact our purchases have on the planet is affecting design. Although we’re keen to bring more natural materials into our homes we want to know that they aren’t having an adverse effect on the environment. “Things have improved massively in Indonesia in recent years. The wood industry is better regulated then before and there are regular spot checks to stop illegal logging from taking place.”

ECO The wood for this coffee table is from the longan tree.This type of wood cannot be used for furniture because of its irregular grain that is not workable with carpentry tools.

ECO Teak veneer is used for some of the designs that aren't possible with solid wood so to offer a lot of versatility and it uses less of the tree. This helps with sustainability.

ECO Wodd Design has worked aluminium into their work. There treat the surface to make it more textured. As well as using tubing for table legs and other structural pieces can also use wood clad in 2mm aluminium strips.

This enables them to be more versatile. There can use it in ways the heavy tubing can't be used - "like for shelving and lamps". Aluminium is a well know recyclable metal.